General Terms and Conditions

For the entire business relationship between Otorz and the customer only the following General Terms and Conditions of the provider apply.

All agreements concluded between the customer and the supplier for the delivery of goods ressult in particular from these General Terms and Conditions. Conflicting, deviating or supplementary general terms and conditions of the customer are not accepted.

Contract conclusion, non-binding information

Otorz only sells genuine designer fragrances, absolutely no knock-offs, imitation or counterfeit products. We have no relationship or association with the designer or the designer's fragrance manufacturer and have no contract or agreement with them authorizing us to repackage their fragrance.

  • All information about our goods and prices is subject to change and non-binding.
  • By completing and confirming the order form provided by the supplier, the customer may make a binding offer to conclude a contract for the continued delivery of goods.
  • The supplier shall immediately confirm to the customer the receipt of the order form by electronic means. This confirmation of order can be done by e-mail, SMS or calls. Only with the acceptance of the offer by the provider is a contract between the customer and the provider effectively concluded.
  • All information provided by the customer in the ordering process must be up-to-date and truthful. The customer password may not be passed on to third parties and must be stored inaccessible to unauthorized persons. A lost or a transfer must be immediately notified to the provider in text form. The customer is liable for misuse, for example in the case of orders with his customer password by third parties in accordance with the statutory provisions.

Contract term, termination, contract renewal

  • In the case of offer variants with fixed maturities, the contract initially runs over the booked term. If the contract Is not terminated with a notice period of 10 days before the following calendar month, the contract is automatically extended by one calendar month at a time.
  • For the offer variants (monthly offer, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months), the subscription is initially over the minimum usage period booked by the user. After that, the subscription is renewed for 1 month of the same if it is not cancelled in time by the user or Otorz. The notice period is 10 days before the end of the month of the last box.

Delivery, delivery dates, delivery conditions

  • The provider reserves the right to deliver only after online full payment by the customer via card or after confirmation by phone call for cash on delivery. There is no entitlement to prior delivery.
  • In the event that we do not exercise our right of retention from previous point and arrange the delivery before full payment, we reserve the ownership of the purchased item until full payment of the purchase price.
  • Our delivery dates or delivery periods are exclusively non-binding information. Dates may vary depending on circumstances. Delivery may face delay due to Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Delivery inside the United Arab Emirates shall be done within 1 to 3 days. International delivery outside the UAE requires 6 to 10 days.

Prices and shipping costs, payment, retention

  • All prices are inclusive of the applicable VAT, packaging costs and shipping costs. Delivery is free within the United Arab Emirates. Orders outside the UAE may include additional delivery charges.
  • You may cancel an order up until 2 days after placing an order and get a full refund. Otherwise you will be charged for the delivery cost.

Payment channels

  • Payment transactions via the usual means of payment (Visa/MasterCard, direct debit) are made exclusively via an encrypted SSL or TLS connection. You can recognize an encrypted connection by the fact that the address bar of the browser changes from “http://” to “https://” and by the lock icon in your browser line. In the case of encrypted communication, your payment data that you transmit to us cannot be read by third parties.
    We offer the option of cash on delivery which allows you to pay upon receiving the product. No prepayment needed.

Withdrawal from long-term contracts

  • You have the right to withdraw from this contract 10 days prior to the next scheduled delivery period without giving any reason. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must by means of a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or an e-mail) about your decision to withdraw from this contract. In order to comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that you send the notification of the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period.
  • In order to comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that you send the notification of the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period (10 days prior)
  • The right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the delivery of goods which, due to their nature, are not suitable for return or can quickly spoil (Section 312 d.4 of the German Civil Code). This is the case, for example, for already used contaminated cosmetic products.
  • If you withdraw from this contract, we will provide you with all payments we have received from you for the undelivered goods.

Rights in the event of defects, damages

  • Insofar as the delivered goods do not have the quality agreed between the supplier and the customer, or if he is not suitable for the contract or the use in general, or if it does not have the characteristics that the customer has according to our public has been able to expect comments, the provider is obliged to perform the supplementary performance. This does not apply if the provider is entitled to refuse subsequent performance due to the statutory provisions. In this regard, the customer must grant the provider a reasonable period of time for subsequent performance.
  • Subsequent performance shall be affected at the customer’s discretion by remedying the defect or delivering new goods. The customer is not entitled to reduce the purchase price or to withdraw from the contract during the period for subsequent performance. If the provider has tried the subsequent performance twice in vain, it is considered to have failed. If the subsequent performance has failed, the customer is entitled, at his option, to reduce the purchase price or to withdraw from the contract.
  • The customer can only assert claims for damages due to a defect in accordance with the following paragraphs if the subsequent performance has failed in accordance with paragraph above. The right of the customer to assert further claims for damages on the following terms and conditions remains unaffected.

The supplier is liable within the scope of a quality and/or durability guarantee, provided that he has delivered one with regard to the delivered item. If damages occur that are based on the lack of the quality or durability guaranteed by the supplier and, however, if these damages do not occur directly to the goods delivered by the supplier, the supplier shall only be liable for this if the risk of such damage is evident from the quality and durability guarantee.

Further liability claims of the customer against the provider do not exist and this regardless of the legal nature of the claims made by the customer against the provider.

Data Protection

Otorz refrains from using cookies that provoke the privacy of our site visitor. Information is merely used for better customization and targeting. We do not share any information about our visitors and customers to any other third party.

Amendment to the Terms and Conditions

If the implementation of the contract is made considerably more difficult or impossible by a change in the case law or the relevant legislation, a loophole in the GTC becoming apparent, or a material disturbance of the balance between performance and consideration, the provider reserves the right to change these GTC with effect for the future according to the following procedure:

  1. a) In order for the changes to take effect, the customer’s consent is required.
  2. b) For this purpose, the supplier shall notify the customer in writing of the proposed changes, stating reasons before the changes take effect.
  3. c) The customer is granted the right to object to the proposed changes within one month.

(d) If it fails to do so, it shall be deemed to be consent to the proposed amendments. It is expressly pointed out that a silence of the customer within the opposition period is considered as consent.

  1. e) If the customer objects to the change, both parties have the option of termination with the exception that this also applies to fixed-term contracts or a certain number of agreed deliveries.


Otorz is a wholly independent and separate entity from the manufacturers and brand owners of the designer fragrances we offer. We assert that the contents of the bottles are genuine products independently rebottled and repackaged by Otorz. Otorz is not associated in any way with the brands nor their manufacturers nor do we have any binding contract.

*Specific questions about these Terms and Conditions should be directed to: marketing@otorz.com